Moulding Glass

The second in a series of creative collaboration seminars between the Ordered Universe project and the National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland, takes place tomorrow. Teams from both units will meet, this time the OU participants will be introduced to sand-casting and glass-cutting. Photographs and video of the results will be posted, so watch this space! The seminar will also provide a great opportunity to review the artistic responses to Grosseteste’s scientific works: in particular PhD projects from the National Glass Centre, and the work of Cate Watkinson, Colin Rennie, as well as Alexandra Carr. Film-maker Alan Fentiman will be sharing his thoughts and responses to the De colore. All of the projected work takes different elements of Grosseteste’s thought, his interests and emphases. It is fascinating to watch the creative collaboration unfold; and in two directions – to learn about how to manipulate and mould the materials about which Grosseteste writes (in this case glass), brings additional experience to the textual analysis and commentary. Experience and experiment once again, hand in glove.

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