Podcast in Physics World

During the Ordered Universe session at the 2015 Cheltenham Science Festival, with Tom McLeish, Hannah Smithson and Giles Gasper talking about Grosseteste: the Greatest Mind You’ve Never Heard Of…, we were interviewed by Margaret Harris, of Physics World. This, with subsequent interviews at Durham, is the basis of a podcast, now available on the Physics World website here. Giles, Tom, Hannah and Brian Tanner, talk about the Ordered Universe project, Grosseteste’s life and times, and the experiences of modern scientists engaging with a 13th century thinker, in conversation with Margaret. We very much enjoyed the interview process, and hope that you enjoy the podcast too (p.s. it might perhaps be worth clarifying that Grosseteste was not a monk, although a keen supporter of the Franciscan order as it developed and evolved in the first half of the 13th century).

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