Ordered Universe at the Leeds IMC

OU Leeds 2019 Simple

As followers of the Ordered Universe will know the project will be represented in four sessions and a round-table at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds. All sessions take place on Tuesday 2nd July, and work around the conference theme of materiality. We move from the physics of light and dimensions of materiality, to theories of vision, the application of medieval science, the science of sounds. We’ll discuss Grosseteste’s treatises On Light, On the Six Differentiae, On Colour, On the Rainbow, On the Generation of Sounds, On Comets, Compotus, On the Liberal Arts alongside other works by Grosseteste’s antecessors and contemporaries. The evening round-table takes the issue of Humanities and Sciences in collaboration, with Art historians, Engineers, Physicists, Glass Artists, Psyschologists and Historians of Science and Religion. A totally fun-packed day – what more could anyone want?

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