Knowing and Speaking…


News on the first volume of six from the Ordered Universe presenting the scientific works of Robert Grosseteste. The first volume is avialable for pre-order from both the Oxford University Press website and at Amazon (UK and others). The first volume has a shipping weight of 739 grams and is 640 pages in total, and features 19 co-authors (it is not an edited volume but a co-authored monograph, under the aegis of Ordered Universe, and with series editors Giles Gasper, Cecilia Panti, Tom McLeish, and Hannah Smithson). History, Physics, Vision Science, English Studies, Engineering, Computer Engineering, Psychology, Philosophy, and Phonetics are the disipclines that come together to make the volume a radical interdisciplinary interpretation of one of the most dazzling minds of his generation. It is wonderful to see the volume coming to its completion – testimony to the hard work and vision of its authors, and the skill and patience of the press. Publication date is November 6th….and we will be having a book launch or two!

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