Ordered Universe in Dublin – Getting Hands-on with Medieval Science!

As part of last week’s Ordered Universe symposium in Dublin, Seb Falk and Giles Gasper gave a talk about the work of the project (Giles) and medieval understanding of the night skies, and the instruments for measurement and observation available in the period. It was a lovely venue – in the Long Room Hub at Trinity College Dublin, an attentive audience, and a testing series of questions (!), finished off with Seb’s demonstration of how to use an astrolabe. An especially fascinating and striking picture that Seb used was by Thierry Cohen – modern city-scapes with star-scapes from a dark-sky region on the same latitude. A startling reminder of the very different way in which medieval people encountered the world around them.

Pictures taken by Rosie Reed Gold – Ordered Universe member, Creative Arts stream.

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