Dark Matter Day

Ordered Universe members took part yesterday in an evening event for Dark Matter Day, organised by Durham University’s Institute of Particular Physics Phenomenology and the Institute for Computational Cosmology (home for Ordered Universe’s Richard Bower). Open to the public, the event featured research, and interactive activities. Ordered Universe showcased the work of Alexandra Carr and her engagement with medieval and modern cosmology, from a kinetic model of the cosmic web, to beautiful and detailed drawings based on Grosseteste’s De sphera, the pattern for a large-scale model of the galaxy cluster The Council of the Giants, origami structures and the light paintings made by an enthusiastic group of volunteers in late September.

It was a privilege to take part, to talk with people about the collaborative research of the Ordered Universe, and to learn from science colleagues (Dark matter is 80% of all matter in the universe and the universe is 30% matter (so 5% visible matter, 25% dark matter) and 70% Dark Energy). Thanks enormously to David Cerdaño and Carlton Baugh for organising and asking us along.

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