Welcome to new OU researchers

The Ordered Universe project is pleased to welcome two new researchers to the project. Jack Smith, an Engineering undergraduate student from Pembroke College, University of Oxford, and the Department of Engineering Science, has been appointed to a summer studentship. His project will be to work with Clive Siviour and Hannah Smithson, and other members of the Ordered Universe team, to build visualisations of various sections of Grosseteste’s treatise De sphera, On the Sphere. The first iterations look impressive indeed (and very useful for the elucidation  of the text); we look forward very  much to seeing this come to its fruition. So, welcome on board Jack.

The second researcher is Dr Nicola Polloni, who has very recently taken up a two year Co-Fund Junior International Research and Enterprise Fellowship at Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study. Nicola will be based in the Department of History, working with Giles Gasper and Sigbjørn Sønnesyn, and the rest of the Durham and wider Ordered Universe team. Nicola, who is an expert on the transmission on Arabic thought into the later 12th and 13th century West, notably the translator and commentator Dominicus Gundissalinus (less well-known but no less important than Gerard of Cremona), will be working on Grosseteste and Roger Bacon during his two year fellowship. The Ordered Universe will benefit enormously from Nicola’s specialist area, and we are delighted that he was able to join Durham from the University of Pavia. Nicola has his own research blog here, which will give updates on activities, as well as the Ordered Universe website. So, welcome/benvenuto to Nicola as well!

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