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IMG_559220140923_091840Ordered Universe presents the two, joint, public lectures from earlier this year at the Mahfouz Forum for Interdisciplinary Studies, Pembroke College, Oxford. After a lovely introduction from the Master, Dame Lynne Brindley, we gave two linked presentations. The first, involving Tom, Giles and Richard, ‘Forming the Body of the Cosmos: Robert Grosseteste’s ‘On Light’ focused on the team’s discussion of that treatise, its background and the challenges in rendering the making of the medieval universe.

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The second, involving Giles, Hannah and Tom, explores in more detail the treatises ‘On Colour’ and ‘On the Rainbow’, the links between the two texts, and the results when medieval science meets modern vision science: ‘A Bridge Between Medieval and Modern Colour Science: Robert Grosseteste’s ‘On Colour’ and ‘On the Rainbow’.

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The lectures run as live, and one into the other: so if you’re in for the long haul, re-create the ten minute break in the middle! They do stand, however, as a record of the project and the collaborative work we have engaged upon; and there will be more to come. Our thanks to the Mahfouz Forum for making the vodcast possible, and thanks for watching!

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