On the Generation of Sounds – tomorrow

  The workshop participants are gathering, and the Ordered Universe research project starts its next treatise formally on Thursday, but with a series of project meetings tomorrow.

Campaign for a statue

The Third International Grosseteste Conference signed a petition to encourage Lincoln authorities to commission a statue of one of their most famous sons. The campaign has already received press coverage, thanks to Jack Cunningham’s efforts, from the Lincolnshire Echo and recently taken up by the Catholic Herald and the BBC. Please be in touch with Jack toContinue reading “Campaign for a statue”

3rd International Grosseteste Conference: Day 2

The second day of the conference, and another intriguing array of papers, building the theme of how scientific and theological instincts and interests cohere (or did not), in Grosseteste and his contemporaries. The first parallel sessions included, Robert Ball on readers of Grosseteste on the Psalms, and Philippa Hoskin on the use of Aristotle inContinue reading “3rd International Grosseteste Conference: Day 2”

Embodying Grosseteste

Jack Cunningham has initiated an appeal to the Lincoln City Council for a statue of Robert Grosseteste within the city. The Ordered Universe project support this wholeheartedly, and features within Jack’s letter to the Lincolnshire Echo, copied below.  With the upcoming conference  on Science and Theology in the Thirteenth Century  focused on Grosseteste, the appeal could notContinue reading “Embodying Grosseteste”

Durham Workshop: Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th March

The third in the workshop series funded through the AHRC Network Grant ‘Lost Legacies and a Living Past’ takes place tomorrow and Tuesday. We are looking forward to welcoming all of our visitors to Durham, Jack Cunningham from Bishop Grosseteste University, Cecilia Panti, Sigbjørn Sønnesyn, as well as Hannah and the rest of the DurhamContinue reading “Durham Workshop: Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th March”