Lincoln – Annual Grosseteste Day 2016

Friday 7th October saw the the Annual Grosseteste Day lecture at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, on Friday 7th October. In succession to another Ordered Universe stalwart, Michael Huxtable, whose tour of Grosseteste’s rich and layered Anglo-Norman poem the Chateau d’Amour was the subject of the 2015 lecture, Giles Gasper explored the second of Grosseteste’s scientific treatises, the De generationeContinue reading “Lincoln – Annual Grosseteste Day 2016”

Sound Medieval and Sound Modern: Reading the De generatione sonorum

As Tom’s earlier post indicated, the collaborative reading sessions on the De generatione sonorum exceeded our expectations. We get through the whole of the text over the course of the three sessions, but made substantial progress in establishing the reading of the text, and, as we have done time and again, enjoyed collectively identifying and following theContinue reading “Sound Medieval and Sound Modern: Reading the De generatione sonorum”