Imaging Fast Phenomena and Chladni Plates – Public Forum

The Ordered Universe symposium on Space and Place, focusing on Grosseteste’s treatises on De sphera and the De sex differentiis, included a public lecture and forum. The lecture, delivered by Clive Siviour, explored his research into high speed photography and material deformation. The film of the lecture will be added to the website shortly. Given in the Williams Library at St Chad’s College, Durham University, the lecture was a very stimulating introduction for non-experts, but full of research insights and details for Continue reading

Sound Medieval and Sound Modern: Reflections on the Mahfouz Forum

It is two weeks since our workshop meeting in Oxford, as part of the Pembroke College Mahfouz Forum, and, as Tom and Ulrike’s posts demonstrate, it has inspired a great deal of thinking and reflection. The Ordered Universe team were extremely grateful to the Mahfouz Forum for funding the workshop, and allowing us to invite new participants as well as familiar faces. 20 or so of us, and from a wonderful array of disciplines, and all to bring focus to one of Grosseteste’s earliest texts. Continue reading

Chladni Plates and the Generation of Sounds

One of the most striking elements in a workshop which was full of them, was the demonstration of sound generation thought the Chladni plates built, mastered and played by Clive Siviour, Engineering Fellow at Pembroke. A lovely moment of humanities and science dialogue came over the question as to what a Chladni plate is: designed by and named for the German physicist Ernst Chladni (1756-1827), as he repeated the earlier experiments of Robert Hooke in running a bow against a glass plate covered in flour, with results and observations marshalled in his 1787 masterwork  Entdeckungen über die Theorie des Klanges. Or, a plate to allow the effects of vibration to be observed, where regions of a plate vibrate in opposite directions, leaving nodal lines, where no vibration occurs, visible if the plate is covered in a granular substance. Context and applicability! Continue reading