Horizon and Zenith at Light Up Poole

Zenith playing on the interior of St James’s Church in Poole. It takes inspiration from medieval astronomy, Islamicate and European, and the notion of the zenith, a point directly above a particular location – the ‘zenith of the head’ as medieval authors put it, as Grosseteste in his On the Sphere. The projection also moved through representations of the four elements in a tantalisingly beautiful way.

Meanwhile on the exterior of the church Horizon was playing to attentive audiences. Shown first at the Napa Lighted Festival, it was exciting to see the same show but on a different building, with all of the subtle alterations that gave to the watching and listening experience. A short clip below:

In its second year the Light Up Poole Festival is going from strength to strength, with visitor numbers up considerably, and very positive reactions from the region, as inidcated by the review in the Bournemoth Echo. It was a enormous pleasure and provilege to have the opportunity to make Ordered Universe a part of it!

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