Ordered Universe at the Napa Lighted Festival 2019 – Programme


So, in January, you’ll be able to catch a number of Ordered Universe team members at the Napa Lighted Art Festival. We’re hugely excited about the opportunity which was instigated by Ross Ashton and Karen Monid of The Projection Studio (with whom we have worked very successfully as followers of this blog will surely know). We’ve been working with Ross and Karen on the new projection: Horizonwhich draws on Grosseteste’s treatises On the Sphere, On Comets and On the Six Differentiae – along with some other, beautiful medieval texts, and material from NASA.

We’ve organised, with the Napa Parks and Recreation Services, with Katrina Gregory, Erin Richardson and Pete Hangen, a series of events to take place at the end of the Festival, on the 17th, 18th and 19th of January. These include talks, medieval food tastings, film showings and collaborative readings. We’ll post about each one separately, but the roster is as follows:

Day 1: 17th January
10.00-11.30, Beyond Belief: Sacred Space, Art and Heritage  – Cate Watkinson (University of Sunderland and the National Glass Centre) and Giles Gasper (Durham) on glass art, especially stained glass, in ecclesiastical settings
Venue: 1st Presbyterian Church

13.00-14.30, Taste Beyond Borders 1: Medieval Food and the Modern Restaurant – Andy Hook (Blackfriars Restaurant, Newcastle) and Giles Gasper (Durham) on medieval food and the modern restaurant.
Venue: Culinary Institute of America at Copia

15.00-16.30, Beyond the Visible: Light, Science and Art – Brian Tanner (Durham) and Colin Rennie (University of Sunderland and the National Glass Centre) on light from X-Ray Imaging to 3D glass sculpture.
Venue: Goodman Library

17.00-18.30, Beyond the Horizon – the whole team will be present to talk about the Horizon projection, Ordered Universe and its varied activities with posters, an interactive guide to the medieval cosmos, experiments and short films. Then we can watch the show!
Venue: Goodman Library

Day 2: 18th January
10.00-11.30, Beyond Color – Joshua Harvey (Oxford) and Alexandra Carr (Mutli-media Sculptor) on the perception of colour by humans and the inspiration of scientific thought in artistic expression.
Venue: Goodman Library

13.00-14.30, Taste Beyond Borders 2: Medieval Food and Drink  – Andy Hook and Giles Gasper on the gamut of different tastes and flavours from the medieval world, including spiced wines.
Venue: Culinary Institute of America at Copia

15.00-17.00, Beyond the Fringe: Avant Garde Cinema and its More Unusual Inspirations – Luke Fidler (Chicago) on Avant Garde Cinema and medieval thought on light.
Venue: 1st Presbyterian Church

17.00-18.30, Beyond the Horizon – whole team, as the previous night!
Venue: Goodman Library

Day 3: 19th January
10.00-11.30, Beyond the Material: Art, Science and Luster – Joshua Harvey and Henrike Lange (Berkeley) on human perception of material and the manipulation of material for optical effect
Venue: 1st Presbyterian Church

13.00-15.00, The Greatest Scientist You’ve Never Heard Of… – the whole team with a collaborative public reading of three treatises by Robert Grossetsete: On the Rainbow, On the Impressions of the Elements, and On Light, as well as an introduction to Grosseteste the historical character, his thought and his world.

18.00-19.30, Beyond the Horizon – whole team, our third and final night.

Do come along and find us – the eventbrite tickets are up and available: we’d love to meet you in Napa, and are privileged to be able to take part in the Festival.


Featured image is from Rosie Reed Gold.

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