Guiding Stars, Motion and Light


Our next symposium is nearly upon us, this time at McGill University in Montreal, hosted by Faith Wallis. The programme is available in pdf form, or on Issuu. The three texts for scrutiny are On the Six DifferencesOn the Movement of Celestial Bodies, and On Bodily Motion and Light, which open up new territory for the collaborative reading sessions. Embodied light, the nature and cause of motion, and the notion of place – with the usual debate on translation, expression and meaning, and in the delightful surroundings of McGill. Our public lecture will take place in the Redpath Museum and features Tom and Giles talking about the project, and Jack Cunningham on a recently discovered life of Grosseteste from the 18th century, re-claiming Grosseteste for Roman Catholicism. Lots to look forward to!

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