Keeping us all in suspense…

A wonderful feature of the Ordered Universe conference (Pembroke College, Oxford, April 3-6), was the installation by Alexandra Carr, in the Damon Wells Chapel in the college. The mysterious and beautiful structure intrigued and delighted the conference delegates, but kept us all in suspense with respect to its name.  Alexandra, very kindly, left that to the conference attendees. The name chosen, and suggested by Rebekah White , we can reveal as:


Floating as if suspended in the darkened chapel, the delicacy of the installation was striking and it subtle movements mesmerising. And another example of the powerful creative response Grosseteste’s thought provokes. The way in which such a diverse range of expert responses to his works came together was one of the highpoint of the conference, exemplified in Suspensio.

The creator and the namer: Alexandra and Rebekah!

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