Heaven’s Above Features….

Today is the launch of Being Human! Ordered Universe Events start tomorrow, with the public talk by Philipp Nothaft  (pictured above). Philipp is a graduate of the University of Munich, has been associated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University College London, and the Warburg Institute. He was appointed as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at All Soul’s College, University of Oxford, in 2015. We’re delighted that Philipp is able to give this talk – it forms his major research area. He explores Time, Astronomy/Astrology and Calendars in both medieval and early modern Europe, and across a fascinating and wide-ranging series of  texts. Philipp has published widely: he has a major study on Walcher of Malvern (an extremely important English astronomical observer and astrolabe practitioner) available for purchase in December, is equally at home with Bede, and with Robert Grosseteste – whose treatise on calendar reform, the Compotus correctorius Philipp translated for Ordered Universe, and whose contours he expertly navigated for us in our Rome Symposium, 2016. We’re very grateful to Durham Cathedral and to the Michael Ramsey Centre for Anglican Studies for co-hosting the event  – a very suitable venue for the subject.

Heaven’s Above: Medieval Time Reckoning and the Dating of Easter – Thursday 18th November, Durham Cathedral Chapter House, 15.00-17.00

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