On the Generation of Sounds – tomorrow

  The workshop participants are gathering, and the Ordered Universe research project starts its next treatise formally on Thursday, but with a series of project meetings tomorrow.

On the Generation of Sounds

Our next workshop in the Ordered Universe series is just around the corner,beginning next week on Wednesday October 1st (with a meeting for the core team), and then a two-day workshop on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd, with a more relaxed Saturday morning. We are delighted that this workshop forms part of the Mahfouz InterdisciplinaryContinue reading “On the Generation of Sounds”

Workshop 2: Medieval Science and the Modern Curriculum: Part 3b SECONDARY

Alongside the Primary Group the two other activity groups came up with ideas for using Grosseteste’s conceptual expression, and the world in which he lived, as anchoring points for lessons. Vanessa’s group, which included Chris Harris from Northumberland Church of England Academy and Mary Howell, Education Consultant and former Head of Biology at Richmond School,Continue reading “Workshop 2: Medieval Science and the Modern Curriculum: Part 3b SECONDARY”