Publication updates

A quick update on Ordered Universe and related publications: we were delighted to see the Compotus by Grosseteste, edited and translated by Philipp Nothaft and Alfred Lohr make its appliance earlier this year. To this we will be able to the first volume of our series on the other scientific works. Knowing and Speaking takes On the Liberal ArtsOn the Generation of Sounds, and the Middle English The Seven Liberal Arts, presenting them in parallel translations, Latin/Middle English and modern English, with chapters following of analysis from all sorts of disciplinary angles. The publication date for the volume is November 6th.

In addition we’re very happy to announce a new science paper from the project, led by Joshua Harvey: ‘A thirteenth-century theory of speech’ has been published online in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (Vol.146, No.2). URL:; DOI: 10.1121/1.5119126 (we’ll post separately on the paper and its implications). The impact and outreach work we undertook at the Napa Lighted Art Festival in January 2019 and at Light-Up Poole the following month was featured in the Durham University Department of History’s alumni magazine, Symeon. In addition A volume of essays from the Ordered Human project,  edited by Jack Cunningham and Steve Puttick which includes several of the core team from Ordered Universe (Brian Tanner, Tom McLeish, Giles Gasper, and Peter Claus) has been submitted to press.

Work is on-going for volume two in the Ordered Universe series, further papers in various journals, a volume of essays from our conference, and shorter occasional pieces. A busy, and productive season, and the culmination of many years of planning, meeting, collaboration, and individual work.

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