Napa Lighted Festival – from Cate Watkinson

As an artist inspired by glass and light, particularly in scared spaces, when I was asked to join other members of the Ordered Universe team to be part of the Napa Lighted Festival, it was an invitation I just couldn’t refuse. The whole event is shaping up to be amazing and I am really looking forward to a totally immersive experience during the festival.

Working as part of the team to create a series of talks and demonstrations around the festival theme of ‘Beyond’ is proving to be a fantastic opportunity to show case some of the ideas I have been exploring through the Ordered Universe (and beyond).

Together with Giles Gasper, we will be speaking on the theme of ‘Beyond Belief’. We’ll be telling a story of glass and light framed through the lens of historical stained glass, the medieval gaze and the context of the sacred space. We’ll go beyond this to show how glass artists such as myself are inspired by the past, building on this to reach into the future to create new works in colour and light. I am particularly looking forward to the experience of speaking in the grand environs of the wonderful gothic architectural space of the First Presbyterian Church in Napa.

Less than a month to go!

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