Illuminating Colour: New Work by Cate Watkinson and Colin Rennie

It is not often that you get to see your research used in the production of stunning artwork, but that is exactly the case for the Ordered Universe team and the collaboration with Cate Watkinson and Colin Rennie at the National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland. Opening this Friday, Illuminating Colour runs from October 21st 2017 until March 11th 2018 in the Main Gallery at The National Glass Centre. The fruit of collaboration across the project and the NGC as readers of previous blogposts will know, it is tremendous to see Cate and Colin’s imagination, hard work, skill, craft and learning come to the point of exhibition.

The new body of work that they have created is inspired directly from Grosseteste’s scientific works, especially On Colour and On the Rainbow. Taking their cue from Grosseteste’s description of colour as light embodied in a transparent medium, Cate and Colin have used light in glass (a transparent medium) to explore and celebrate Grosseteste’s thought and legacy. We’ll post a record of the launch, but in the meantime please do come to the NGC before March and see the stunning sculptures and installations. It will be worth the trip.

The exhibition was made possible with funding from the National Glass Centre, Durham University and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (Ordered Universe). Little did we know when we started Through a Glass Darkly that the collaboration would develop so richly and rewardingly.

Glass photos by Rosie Reed Gold.

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