Ely Cathedral: Open Seminar 11th February 2017

Ordered Universe members Hannah and Giles will be talking at Ely Cathedral on February 11th this year. The seminar is timed to coincide with the Cambridge e-Luminate Festival, where Ordered Universe’s Project Cosmos will be showing.

ely-posterThe open seminar from the Ordered Universe Reseach Project (www.ordered-universe.com) is dedicated to interdisciplinary invetigation of the scientific works of Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253). Giles and Hannah will present their experiences of working with Grosseteste’s works on colour, light, the rainbow and the cosmos, and of working together from the perspectives of medieval history and modern vision science. Wider themes of the place of science in human culture, medieval and modern, of the powerful ways in which natural phenomena provoke human wonder, perplexity, and a desire to understand them, and the potential for past reflections to inspire modern science, will be raised. Extracts from Grosseteste’s treatises will be provided for group reading – to meet medieval thinking about the world around us at its source.

The seminar is open – please feel free to come and find us!

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