Imaging Fast Phenomena: September 2nd

Durham II Public Lecture Poster

The next in the Ordered Universe public lecture series will feature Professor Clive Siviour, of the Department of Engineering and Pembroke College, University of Oxford. Clive will be speaking about his on-going research into High-Speed photography and the extraordinary images it produces, and to experiments derived from Robert Grosseteste’s treatise On the Generation of Sounds.

Just as a microscope opens up the world of small distances, high speed photography opens the world of short times.  Since the advent of photography itself, people have attempted to visualise events that are too fast for the human eye.  This talk will give an overview of both early and modern techniques used to build cameras capable of thousands, and now millions, of frames per second.  It will also explore some applications of high speed imaging in science and engineering.

Imaging Fast Phenomena: Waves, Vibrations and High Speed Photography…

…will take place in the Cassidy Atrium at St Chad’s College, on September 2nd, 2016. The lecture is free and open to the public. It will be followed by a reception and an opportunity to talk to the Ordered Universe team, explore some of the resources of the project, and take part in medieval and modern scientific experiments.

If you would like to attend please come along! For me information and to register interest please contact

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