Dark Ages to Dark Matter: Pictures in Collage


Collaborative Reading Groups, Devin O'Leary contemplating the text

Tom leading discussion on the Generation of Sounds

Collaborative Reading and Thinking

More concentration on Grosseteste's texts - Jon Turnock in the foreground

Richard Bower explaining the treatise on light

Michael Brooks in the group on colour

Hannah leading colour discussions

Giles in one of the light discussions

Brian starts off the session on experiments

Lunch break and filming for the video of the day: Hannah at the helm

Sigbjørn and our cameraman Alan Fentiman

Medieval science in action

Measuring Grosseteste's experiments

Modern science leading the way - Brian in action

With Tom as well!


Imaging and lens

More medieval science...

Refraction and the tea-cup (mutatis mutandis a medieval experiment)

Final Sessions on the Medieval Cosmos, back in the Chapter House

The magnificent setting of Durham Cathedral Chapter House

Richard and the making of the medieval and modern universes

Our paticipants


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