Ordered Universe Talks to Date

A run-down of the public and research presentations various members of the team have given on the Grosseteste Science project over the last two years or so. Looking back, we have a wide range of audiences, and a set of combinations among the speakers. As for future events, Hannah has one coming up, obviously the FIDEM Congress, with a follow-up conference in Durham in October, and a visit to the Charles University in Prague in the planning for late September. The core work is done in the workshops – for which see:


2013   June, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Victoria, Canada: Greti

2013   February, Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences Public Lecture Series, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA: Tom, Hannah and Giles

2013   January, Castle Cutting Edge Lecture, University College, Durham University: Giles

2013   January, Equipping Religious Leadership in an Age of Science: New Directions in Cosmology, St John’s College, Durham University: Tom and Giles

2013   January, York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis Seminar, York University: Tom

2012   November, Interdisciplinary Research Seminar, Pembroke College, Oxford: Greti, Hannah and Giles

2012   March, York Skeptics, York: Tom

2012   June, Understanding Interdisciplinarity Theory and Practice, Sheffield Hallam: Tom

2011   July, International Colour Vision Society, 21st Symposium, Kongsberg: Hannah

2011   March, North East Vision Conference, Durham University: Tom and Giles

2011   February: Department of History Research Seminar, Durham University: Giles

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