Congratulations to Giocchino Curiello


All at the Ordered Universe Project are very glad to congratulate Dr Gioacchino Curiello who has been awarded a highly sought after British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, to be held at Bishop Grosseteste University  for the next three years.  He will be mentored by Jack Cunningham, who describes the award as, ‘not only enormously important for BGU’s research environment, but hugely important for the world of Grosseteste studies in general. I am very much looking forward to working with Gioacchino. ’

Gioacchino studied for his doctorate at Salerno and and Louvain where he was supervised by Alessandro Conti and Jean-Michel Counet respectively. The BA Fellowship will enable Gioacchino to work on an edition of Grosseteste’s translation and commentary on Pseudo-Dionysius’s 5th-6th Century work, The Divine Names, which will make a significant contribution to our understanding of Grosseteste Corpus Dionysiacum.

We look forward to seeing these results, and to working further with Gioacchio.

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