The Medium is the Message

A public talk from the Sculpting with Light programme: Giles Gasper, Brian Tanner and Alexandra Carr in conversation…free and open to the public, with a chance to view the work from the project 3.30-5.30 on the same day.

Sculpting With Light

Medium is the Message Talk

A public talk from the Sculpting with Light project, taking place at Ushaw College, August 24th, 6-7.30pm. Sculpting with Light is a Leverhulme Trust funded Artist in Residence programme, featuring multi-media sculptor Alexandra Carr, with academics from Arts and Humanities, and Sciences at Durham University. This talk, featuring Alexandra, Giles Gasper from the History Department, and Brian Tanner from Physics, takes the theme of the residency: medieval and modern explanations of the cosmos, in conversation with Alexandra’s artistic response and interpretation of the many and varied conceptual frameworks for the space in which we live. The talk will consider the interface of different approaches to central issues of the human condition, the challenges and effects of folding different disciplines together, as well as the different visions of the universe that we encounter from the Middle Ages to the modern era. A show and tell of Alexandra’s work, as well as…

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