Medieval and Modern Cosmology: Art, Science and Making

Grosseteste’s scientific works featured on the opening day of the ASMbly Lab, in the St John’s Shopping Centre, Leeds, organised by The Superposition. The lab will be live for the next 12 days, with a wide variety of participants and exhibitors, scientists (and historians of science), artists, makers and artificers, all gathered together to share their collective insights, projects and inspirations. Members of the public are encouraged to attend as well. Giles, Alexandra Carr and cosmologist Mark Neyrinck have been presenting medieval and modern cosmology, using Grosseteste’s treatises On the Sphere and that On Light as the main portal through which to discuss our collaborative methodologies, engagement with creative arts, and how the larger project has grown and developed. This is in partnership with the Sculpting with Light project funded by the Leverhulme Trust. The ASMbly Lab is a  very stimulating environment, and it is fascinating to see the range of responses. If you are in Leeds over the next two weeks it is warmly recommended.