Nesting Spheres and Cosmic Geometry

Update, news and pictures from the Sculpting with Light project.

Sculpting With Light

More from Alexandra this week – who has been considering the geometrical problems of the medieval nested spheres, and learning different techniques for graphical simulation – Rhino in particular. This has been partly in response to thinking through Dante Aligheri’s (c.1265-1321) Divine Comedy written in exile, towards the end of his life, and  in particular the vision of the medieval cosmos depicted in the third section, Paradise. During the tour of the spheres of the universe Dante takes pause at the eighth (the fixed stars):

My eyes returned through all the seven spheres
and saw this globe in such a way that I
smiled at its scrawny image: I approve

that judgment as the best, which holds this earth
to be the least; and he whose thoughts are set
elsewhere, can truly be called virtuous.
(Paradiso, Canto XXII, lines 133–138, Mandelbaum translation).

In addition Alexandra has been working…

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