Ordered Universe in Georgetown University – Washington D.C.

We’re all very excited about the upcoming Ordered Universe conference, next week, taking place under the aegis of the Department of Philosophy, Georgetown University, Washington D. C. We have a wide range of papers from various members of the team, including new participants as well as those whose acquaintance with the project goes back further. The theme of aspectus-affectus, perception and desire (with many different interpretations and explorations) is essential to an understanding of Grosseteste’s intellectual programme. The concepts, singly and jointly, are also embedded deep within medieval thought more generally. To examine these terms then is to encounter a conceptual framework at multiple levels of experience: across the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, in response to different sources of knowledge and at the service of different ends. Add to this too the perspectives from modern scientists working on perception of sight and sound. How to engage with, and learn from, Grosseteste’s teaching are central issues that emerge across the disciplines. It is a wonderful to be able to meet together again, made possible by Neil Lewis and Sandra Strachan-Vieira, and to share thoughts on wider questions posed by the subject of our studies. From astronomy to modern accounts of human perception, and 12th and 13th century thinkers to scientific creativity, a very stimulating gathering awaits. If you are in the Georgetown area please do be in touch and join us for the public talk on March 31st; we have too the poster for the conference proper below – please circulate!




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