Annual Grosseteste Lecture: Mike Huxtable

The Ordered Universe project is delighted that Mike Huxtable will be delivering the Annual Grosseteste Lecturer for 2015, at Bishop Grosseteste University. Mike’s lecture is entitled:

‘A Guided Tour of Robert Grosseteste’s Chateau d’Amour

The lecture will take place at on Friday, October 9th, at Bishop Grosseteste University,  Robert Hardy Lecture Theatre, starting at

Michael Huxtable
Mike Huxtable

The Chateau d’Amour is Grosseteste’s great allegorical poem, written in Anglo-Norman French, probably around 1230 (according to Mackie (2003) and Murray (1918)), encompassing a complete history of creation, the fall and its redemption, for a wider audience than the medieval schools of Oxford. At that time Grosseteste was teaching the Franciscan community at Greyfriars (the location of which has featured in recent digs at the Westgate Centre). Mike will guide the audience through the literary, architectural and theological features of the castle Grosseteste conjures. An early, and strikingly original use of the Castle as analogy for the Virgin Mary, Grosseteste’s text would prove extremely influential in the later Middle Ages. Light is a frequent metaphor, and there is even a rainbow, in one of the most powerful sections of the poem.

Do come along and join Mike and the Bishop Grosseteste University community. The lecture is free, all queries should go to Dr Jack Cunningham:

Chateau D'amour

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