David Howard at the Proms…

IMG_2834IMG_4619David Howard (University of York), and Ordered Universe stalwart, will be featured in a Proms Concert Interval programme, tonight, talking about his amazing research into human voice production and its reproduction by machines. ‘Singing Machines’ will be broadcast in the UK at about 19.10 and will be available on the BBC Radio 3 website for about 30 days thereafter. David’s fascinating work on reproducing human vocalisation has featured in the last two Ordered Universe symposia, including an illuminating talk involving 3d printed copies of David’s own vocal tract as it formed various vowels. This and much more feature on his YouTube channel. The Ordered Universe group’s reading of the De generatione sonorum and the De liberalibus artibus has been deepened and stimulated considerable by modern investigation on voice production. And consideration of Grosseteste’s 13th century accounts of sound production are proving interesting  and stimulating by turns amongst his modern followers. Watch this space! And do listen to David on Radio 3.

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    I was there when David Howard produced his voice demo with a plastic moulding of his own vocal tract and a buzzer. Amazing. My own interest is in how Grosseteste and later grammarians try to link the shape of the mouth when sounds are produced to the shapes of the letters that represent them – some more successfully than others!

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