The Times Higher Education Awards: Ordered Universe

The creation of the first sphere…as Grosseteste might have imagined it.

IMG_5592We’re very pleased and proud with the news that the Times Higher Education Awards, 2014 includes the Ordered Universe project on the shortlist for Research Project of the Year. Nominated by Durham University, the project is one of six to be shortlisted. The winners will be announced  on Thursday 27th November, at a ceremony which takes place at the Grovesnor House Hotel. It is a great encouragement for the project, and we hope we have shown how excited we are by the research and the different directions in which it has taken us all over the course of the project so far. We have more events coming up soon: a workshop with public lectures in Oxford, and a public workshop for the Festival of Humanities which takes place in Durham in November. With much more to come, this is a good point to say how grateful we all are to the interest in the project, and how committed we are to moving through Grosseteste’s scientific works, letting them inspire us, and exploring further the wonderful world and mind that they conjure.





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