Medieval science at Kalamazoo

So, a group of students and staff from Durham are on their way to Kalamazoo, via Boston. Giles, Devin O’Leary, Lydia Harris, Dr Helen Foxhall Forbes, Dr Luke Sunderland, Dr Charlie Rozier and Sam Sargeant, will be joining staff and students at Boston College, for a joint Postgraduate Conferenece on Medieval Studies. We represent the departments of History and English and the School of Modern Languages. Devin and Sam in particular will be speaking on aspects of medieval science, Sam on scientific knowledge in the northern lands, Iceland and Norway, and Devin the concept of scientia in the writings of William of St Thierry (d.1147). Giles will be spelling on Anselm of Canterbury (and a little bit of Grosseteste), Lydia on medicine and food in the 12th century, Charlie on the writing of history in the same period, and Luke on notions of feud and violence. Then we drive 900 miles to Kalamazoo (which really does exist)…we will keep you updated! Keep an eye out this week for more news on the project from Durham as well.


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