Grosseteste and the History of Philosophy


The British Society for the History of Philosophy is holding its annual conference in Durham this week, from Thursday April 12th to Saturday April 14th. The overall theme for the conference is ‘Habit in the History of Philosophy’, and this theme will be approached from different approaches covering more than two millennia of philosophical thought. Representatives of The Ordered Universe Project will make sure that the Grossetestian flag is properly flown through two papers in a session organised Bishop_Robert_Grosseteste,_1896_(3x4crop)by Durham Centre for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (DCAMP).

Giles Gasper will address habits of learning in Grosseteste’s writings on the liberal arts, while Sigjørn Sønnesyn will talk about Aristotelian methods of natural philosophy in Grosseteste’s works. We are grateful to the session organiser, Professor George Boys-Stones, and the conference organisers led by Dr Jeremy Dunham, for giving us a chance to discuss the place of Robert Grosseteste in the history of philosophy.


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Post doc on the Ordered Universe Project, editing and translating Robert Grosseteste's scientific treatises.

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