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Giles Gasper

In the midst of a flurry of Ordered Universe activity in November, our Peripatetic Principal Investigator Giles Gasper will be joined by Oxford PhD-student Joshua Harvey for a seminar at Swansea University on Thursday November 23. They will present some of the research to be published in the first Ordered Universe volume with Oxford University Press, and give a class for MA students of History at Swansea University. The event is sponsored by The Swansea University History Department Research Seminar series and Swansea University Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Research (MEMO), and organised by Dr. Charles Rozier.

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Joshua Harvey

Giles and Joshua will present two treatises, those On the Liberal Arts and On the Generation of Sounds, which form the backbone of the forthcoming volume with OUP. The earliest of Grosseteste writings, they show his developing knowledge of Aristotelian and Arabic science and, in the case of On the Generation of Sounds, a scientific interpretation with implications for modern theory of perception. While Giles, as leading editor and significant contributor to the volume, will situate the texts in their intellectual and historical context, Joshua will use his own cutting-edge research experiments into the phenomena studied by Grosseteste as a basis for exploring the scientific implications of Grosseteste’s written work.

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