Porto, O, Porto: Congress Programme and Plans

Well, the Porto meeting of the FIDEM congress is just over a week away.


Papers are being finished, the panels are all organised, travel arrangements in place. The programme for the congress is here: Program_Secrets. We are very grateful to Jose Mereinhos and his team for all of their efforts, and especially in accommodating the Ordered Universe Grosseteste Project’s particular requests.

The two sessions on the De luce will provide the spine for the forthcoming volume, on the model of the Dimensions of Colour, and work is well advanced on the scientific analysis through Tom, Brian and Richard’s efforts. Cecilia and Neil have already worked a great deal on these texts, so the commentary will be rich and detailed. The reception of Grosseteste’s treatise, especially in the wake of Baur’s edition was striking; influential for example on one of the founders of modernism, Ezra Pound (which begs all kinds of questions on the poetic voice and scientific discovery – for another time). The session on the De iride will introduce some very interesting results of Greti’s manuscript hunting, as well as Hannah’s reflection on the nature of the colours Grosseteste appears to describe at the end of the treatise, and Mike on the place of the rainbow in related medieval vernacular literature – including Grosseteste’s own Chataeu d’Amour.  We are very pleased to be able to present our methodology and project in the FIDEM forum, and are grateful for the AHRC network grant in putting this altogther. I am especially interested in the reactions to the project, its aims, and how we operate from the session chairs, the student participants and the educationalists. In the meantime, Adam and Nick will be working on the 3D visualisation. See you in Porto!

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