Porto travellers….

With the Porto conference  about three months away  this is just a brief update on the project members attending: the core team (Giles, Hannah, Tom, Greti, Brian, Mike and Cecilia) as well as:

Richard Bower (Physics, Durham)

Pietro Rossi (Philosophy, Turin, Italy)

Faith Wallis (History and Social Science of Medicine, McGill, Canada)

Lydia Harris (MA Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Durham)

Sam Sargeant (PhD History, Durham)

Ulrike Nowak (BA Philosophy and Psychology, Oxford)

Neil Lewis (Philosophy, Georgetown, USA)

Philip Anderson (SAIMS, UK)

Dorothy Warren (Education, Durham and Science Learning Centre North East)

Per Kind (Education, Durham)

Christian Etheridge (Scandinavian Studies, Copenhagen)

We hope this is a good blend of youth, experience, and a whole variety of disciplines; especially from Education – there are some exciting directions in which this can go .

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