The Thirteenth-Century Science Project

TORCH web image no titleThe Mental and Material Laboratories of 13th Century Science is a daughter project (in the medieval Cistercian sense) to the Ordered Universe, based in Oxford, at TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities), directed by Hannah Smithson, Clive Siviour and Carol Harrison.

The project is focused on questions of what 13th century scientists were able to observe, how they did it, and the role of their inherited learning from the ancient and earlier medieval periods. Based around two PhD studentships funded at TORCH through the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the project will enable a richer appreciation of the subject, and encourage cross-disciplinary working for inter-disciplinary results. The students will have the support of the wider Ordered Universe research team, and the ongoing work on Grosseteste’s scientific treatises.

The Thirteenth-Century Science Project will maintain its own blog and news feed and the Ordered Universe research team highly recommend that it be followed! There will, of course, be updates on this website too.


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