Berlin Light Festival 2016

Ross Ashton and Karen Monid from the Projection Studio recently took part in the prestigious Berlin Light Festival 7-16 October. Using elements of the World Machine created in collaboration with the Ordered Universe and the Institute of Computational Cosmology, their projection Spiritus deals with the themes of lights and darkness, and the angelic in creation, making particular use of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179). Ordered Universe material, as well as the modelling of the universe from the ICC all feature. The projection took place on the Nikolaidomen, a fabulous location for the projection.

Grosseteste gave consideration to the nature of angels in his Letter One, composed at the same time, perhaps, as his later scientific work on angles (so we might adapt the phrase attributed to Gregory the Great by Bede, ‘non anguli sed angeli’). The projection touches on topics of deep and lasting interest in the Middle Ages, at the interface of wonder at creation, contemplation of humanity’s place in the Cosmos, and the nature of reason and rationality. Spiritus forms the first iteration of a new collaboration with Ordered Universe research, in particular with the cosmological and astronomical treatises: On the Sphere and On Comets. Spiritus – Light and Dark is under development.

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