The Projection Studio

Ordered Universe began to collaborate with The Projection Studio, run by Ross Ashton and Karen Monid, along with the Durham University Institute of Computational Cosmology for the Durham Lumiere Festival 2015. Creating in collaboration the central projection World Machine, was the first stage in a deeper interaction, with Ross and Karen attending Ordered Universe symposia, and public outreach events, and two further projections based on Grosseteste’s scientific works, and the creative collision and elision between medieval and modern cosmologies. These are Spiritus produced for the 2016 Berlin Festival of Light, and Spiritus – Light and Dark for the the 2017 Cambridge e-Luminate Festival. The latter was funded in part by the Durham University Research Impact Seedcorn Fund, with the project title: Project Cosmos. As the collaboration develops news will be posted here, as well as on the blog, and on the events pages.

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