De colore – impressions from a first-time, non-medieval, reader

I started my reading about Grosseteste and his scientific works with ‘The Dimensions of Colour’ on the De colore. Although when reading the translation I couldn’t picture Grosseteste’s model in my head, I was baffled by its complexity and sophistication. Such an abstract account of the phenomenon of colour was certainly not what I expectedContinue reading “De colore – impressions from a first-time, non-medieval, reader”

The view from Kalamazoo and a Baptism…

For those of you who were not at the annual Kalamazoo Medieval Congress (a pilgrimage for upwards of 3500 medievalists each year), the PIMS book stand sold out of copies of the Dimensions of Colour. You can order copies from PIMS or University of Toronto Press directly if you’re in North America. If you are elsewhereContinue reading “The view from Kalamazoo and a Baptism…”

Hannah Smithson speaking at Liverpool Hope Foundation Hour, Wed. 10th 1pm

Those of you lucky enough to be in or around Liverpool this week can catch Hannah giving a Foundation Hour talk at Liverpool Hope University, on Wednesday 10th April, 1pm in the Eden Lecture Theatre. Hannah will be talking on: Foundation Hour – Medieval Science: Colour Decoded by the 13th Century Scholar Robert Grosseteste.,10April2013&ac=*

Just published – Hot off the press….

Robert Grosseteste, The Dimensions of Colour: Robert Grosseteste’s De colore Edition, Translation and Interdisciplinary Analysis By Greti Dinkova-Bruun, Giles E.M. Gasper, Michael Huxtable, Tom C.B. McLeish, Cecilia Panti and Hannah Smithson Those of you in North America can order your copy directly from PIMS, Europeans from the Brepols website (in a few days time), or from

The Colour Group – Great Britain

Hannah is hosting the next monthly meeting of the UK Colour Group at Pembroke College, Oxford, on Wednesday, 13th March. The meeting  will focus on the colour cues for material properties, drawing on experience from visual psychophysics, human neuropsychology, colour measurement, computer vision and the perception and representation of material properties in art. Perception ofContinue reading “The Colour Group – Great Britain”

Durham Grosseteste Project / Ordered Universe in New York

The Ordered Universe Project in February 2013 Three of the team, Giles, Hannah and Tom, enjoyed the wonderful environment of the Graduate Center, CUNY, and gave a public lecture as part of the Science Initiative, at the invitation of William Bialek. The Proshansky Auditorium was a great venue, and we spoke to a large audience,Continue reading “Durham Grosseteste Project / Ordered Universe in New York”